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Stuffed Sausage Media - About Us | Monetize Your Podcast

Stuffed Sausage Media helps you distribute and monetize your podcast. At SSM we work with brands to blend content and messaging into great stories. We align our partners with the right ‘Story-tellers’ to ensure brand messages are authentic and effective.

Empowering hosts to speak about your brand in an engaging way allows for listeners to be naturally drawn into the experience! People don’t believe ‘ads’, they engage with great stories they believe in. AUTHENTICITY and HONESTY are the best tools left to marketers. This is word of mouth at scale!

With content that ranges from sports, comedy, politics, LGBT and more, our shows are packed with entertainment to deliver your message to audiences in the right environment and to audiences who believe in your product. 

SSM works with our hosts and our partners to carefully craft unique stories around your brand. Our goal is to ensure campaigns we run hit the flavor of the show and then we add the special ingredient of a host that relates specifically to your product, and can tell a story on how your brand makes a difference in their life.

Stuffed Sausage Media – a unique blend of flavors that deliver a delicious Podcasting experience

Meet our team of industry experts.

Drew Hilles

Janie Knight

Rob Knight

David Lebow

Mary McCarthy

Gregory Noack

Stu Zakim

Tim Sabean